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The many health benefits of garlic

Garlic has been used since time immemorial as both a culinary spice and medicinal herb, and plays an important part in traditional Chinese medicine.

Infertility treatment from Care Cure

In Ireland up to one in six couples are affected with infertility. While the causes can be wide ranging including hormone imbalance, PCOS, endometriosis, and sperm disorders, the effects of being unable to conceive can be very distressing for the couple concerned. Acupuncture treatment is widely used by couples seeking to improve their chances of conceiving.

Eliminate colds and flu with Care Cure Acupuncture

Winter is here – bringing with it stuffy colds, coughs, chest infections, sore throats, and energy draining flus. The good news is that by treating yourself to acupuncture treatments and healthy doses of Chinese herbal medicines you can prevent or eliminate these annoying symptoms and maintain a fit, active, lifestyle.

Combat vertigo with acupuncture and herbal medicine

Vertigo is a disruptive condition which causes stress in a patient’s life. In vertigo the patient experiences spinning, loss of balance and, occasionally, nausea. It can manifest in a sleeping or sitting posture, or only show when the patient stands up or walks around.

Get relief from IBS with Care Cure Acupuncture

Digestion problems can be debilitating to say the least with symptoms ranging from cramping to nausea, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea and IBS.

Asthma and respiratory relief with Care Cure Acupuncture

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, an asthma attack is the direct result of a deficiency in the lung meridian (channel). Once this lung energy becomes blocked, the chi (vital energy) becomes unstable and triggers an immune system response restricting both inhalation and exhalation. This is accompanied by wheezing and sometimes a cough.

The many health benefits of garlic

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Garlic has been used since time immemorial as both a culinary spice and medicinal herb, and plays an important part in traditional Chinese medicine.

Relieve hay fever and sinus with Care Cure Acupuncture

For many summer can be a worrying time, bringing with it sudden attacks of sneezing, blocked noses, itching of the roof of the mouth, and red, watery, and itchy eyes.

Combat anxiety and depression with Care Cure Acupuncture

If you have never experienced mental illness, bouts of depression or anxiety can be all too easily dismissed as someone’s bad day. But for those individuals suffering from anxiety, insomnia, crying spells, worry, memory loss, and apathy, depression is a crippling disability.

Treat carpal tunnel syndrome with Care Cure Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine is very effective in treating the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) which is an injury associated with the peripheral nerve tissues and their responses. CTS is a nerve entrapment which manifests itself as pain, numbness, or weakness in the forearm, wrist, or hand. People with this condition can experience difficulty in discerning hot from cold sensations while others experience it as a deterioration of local tendons, muscles, ligaments, and sinew. It can be brought on from an injury to the nerves or as a side effect of pregnancy.


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