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Playing it safe

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The Covid-19 pandemic caused devastating social and economic disruption worldwide. The lockdowns, in particular, had far-reaching effects on many crucial aspects of daily life, including people's behaviour.

MoCo offers mortgages that can be repaid up to age 80

New mortgage lender MoCo, has been revolutionising the nation's home-loan markets by announcing that it would be prepared to issue mortgages that people can pay off until age 80.

The Atlanta Hotel

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Joseph Owens lived in Glenamaddy with his wife, who was born Annie M Tuohy. They had three children, Dick, Mary, and her twin Joseph (born February 4, 1912), who was known to one and all as Josie. The father died very young. Annie remarried, this time to a man named Doorly, and in 1922, the family bought a four-bay four-storey early 19th century house in Lower Dominick Street from Nora O’Donnell and moved to Galway. Annie was a busy woman, she opened a drapery shop where she designed clothes, made them and sold them in her shop, and she kept lodgers upstairs, all as she was rearing her children.

Old Lady of Tara Street revamped by Galway girl

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Waiting outside the office of the Irish Times’ managing director, one might expect a snotty Moneypenny to usher you into a dark, wood-panelled study where a stern Judi Dench as M, in James Bond, will be enthroned at a leathered desk, waiting to receive, with a thousand-yard death stare.

Galway companies urged to enter SFA National Small Business Awards

The Small Firms Association (SFA) National Small Business Awards 2024 were this week officially launched by awards patron, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar TD. This year marks the twentieth anniversary of this awards programme which celebrates the achievements of small businesses in Ireland and to recognise the vital contribution of the small business community to the Irish economy.

Fun times as Galway becomes Ireland’s comedy capital

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Fun times as Galway becomes Ireland’s comedy capital again this October

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Galway becomes Ireland’s Comedy Capital this October Bank Holiday, with the nation’s biggest comedy festival taking over the city’s pubs and theatres for seven nights of fun, laughter, mischief, and merriment.

Four weddings and a mutiny – India 1920

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On 28 June 1920, members of the Connaught Rangers Regiment stationed at Wellington Barracks, Jullundur in Punjab, mutinied in protest against the activities of the British Army in Ireland. The irony of their stance as members of a colonial occupying army was, it would seem, lost on them. Two men took the protest to the Connaught Rangers company at Solon Barracks the next day. On the evening of 1 July, a group armed with bayonets attempted to take weapons from the magazine fort at Solon. The guard opened fire, killing a mutineer and an innocent man. The protest started peacefully at both locations—orders were ignored, tricolours were flown, Sinn Féin rosettes were worn, and rebel songs were sung. Sixty-one men were convicted of mutiny. Fourteen were sentenced to death, but only one, James Joseph Daly, was executed. Those imprisoned were released in 1923. Ballina man James J. Devers, one of the Solon mutineers, was among those released. Devers enlisted in 1918.

Stuck for summer plans? Have you considered a home swap?

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Brendan Rhatigan

Stuck for summer plans? Have you considered a home swap? as the solution?

As the summer approaches many of us are making final decisions on where we will be spending the holidays this year. Unfortunately, accommodation prices are at record levels and availability is limited throughout the country.


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