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New research reveals link between weight loss groups like Slimming World and increased ‘mental toughness’

A new study has revealed that that people who are supported to lose weight in a group environment such as Slimming World not only lose more weight, but can also increase their ‘mental toughness’ compared to those who go it alone.

A great sadness hangs over the country

For the past week, the entire country has woken up with a pain in the pit of its stomach, a gut-wrenching physiological reminder of the great sadness that has engulfed us all in this tragic start to a new year.

New research reveals consistent link between Slimming World and increased ‘mental toughness’

A new study has revealed that receiving expert group support helps people to lose more weight and can increase their ‘mental toughness’ compared to those who go it alone.

Opportunity to improve people’s health and happiness comes to Galway

As we emerge into 2022, Slimming World, the well loved weight loss organisation, is looking for successful members with a passion for helping others. Slimming World is inviting people who have successfully lost weight at a local group – either former or current members – to start their own weight loss group.

Four bed bungalow in Belmullet

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This modern four bedroom bungalow (with one en-suite) placed on approx. 0.75 of an Acre at Emlybeg North, Belmullet, County Mayo, is on the main Belmullet to Blacksod road.

New research reveals that people were kinder during than before pandemic

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Almost half (48 percent) of people in Ireland feel nervous socialising, 38% are exercising less and 43 percent are eating more since the Covid-19 pandemic, according to new research commissioned by Maxol, which looked at the impact of the pandemic on physical and mental wellbeing.

Adolescents, anxiety, and depression

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When adolescents are thrown into a period of anxiety or turmoil or depression it would be helpful if this was seen as a time of initiation.

NUI Galway seeking participants for new psychology study

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NUI Galway’s School of Psychology is seeking participants for a new study to investigate psychological factors that could contribute to medically unexplained physical symptoms and a sense of being disconnected from the environment.

‘Anxiety was regular and my self esteem non-existent,’ Athlone native recalls

One’s formative years are laden with developmental perspectives of the environment in which they inhabit.

Typical questions that candidates worry about

This week, I have compiled a list of regular questions our coaches get asked by candidates, and the answers we typically give, writes Mary O’Brien-Killeen, Career Coach, Slí Nua Careers.


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