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Ever thought about thought?

WHAT IS thought? Is there anything to really think about? Is too much thinking harmful? How can you channel your thought constructively?

What is effective counselling?

Strong emotions like depression, anxiety and anger are at the root of why so many people seek help from GPs, counsellors, psychotherapists or clinical psychologists. Despite their training many professionals are not good at dealing with the disruption that out of control emotions cause their clients. Some common forms of counselling, for example, are known to make depression and anxiety disorders worse. Conversely, the right type of counselling is known to be more effective than drug treatments for all of these conditions.

Potential for 2,000 new jobs in creative west

When international comparisons are factored in, the western region has the potential to create at least an extra 2,000 jobs in the creative sector, according to Gillian Buckley, chief executive of the Western Development Commission. Ms Buckley was speaking at the launch of the WDC’s report Creative West: The Creative Sector in the Western Region, the first study of its kind conducted in Ireland. She added: “There are 4,779 creative businesses operating in the western region, directly employing over 11,000 people or three per cent of all employment in the region. This generates an annual turnover of €534m and directly contributes €270m to the gross value added of the regional economy. It is therefore a major economic contributor to the region that we believe can be grown significantly, even in these difficult economic times.”

Open to the love within

Rachel Sweetman, Hakomi psychotherapist, will run one of her very popular personal development courses in Castlebar, starting on April 22 which will take place in Lough Lannagh village over eight Wednesday mornings, with Sweetman offering a free introductory talk about the course and her work on April 8.

Daydream your way to better health

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“Pay attention”. How often have you heard that command as you are firmly jolted back to reality from the world of fantasy?

NLP for self esteem and performance

The Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology Lifelong Learning Centre is collaborating with Evelyn Cormican, the founder of Blueprint Coaching andTraining to offer a new night course titled “Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) for Self Esteem and Performance”, starting on April 22.

Artspace exhibition by Galway artists runs all week

A GROUP exhibition by Galway-based artists Robin Jones, Claire Holian, Eleanor Brennan and Keiran Lyons is taking place in Artspace Studios, Liosban.

Helping people find solutions to the recession

Personal motivator Betty Cosgrave will give a free 90-minute talk on “Finding solutions in these challenging times” at the Radisson Hotel on Tuesday October 6 at 7pm.

Fashion show in Horkan’s, Turlough

Today (October 2) the new 12,000sq ft extension at Horkan’s Lifestyle and Garden Centre in Turlough will be officially opened with a fashion show taking place to mark the occasion.

Let your creative side shine through this Christmas week

First and foremost congratulations to our Art Competition winner this year! It is refreshing each year to see an alternative front page to our newspaper - one that is devoid of bad news and instead brings a feeling of joy, goodwill and festive cheer.


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