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Family Centre course

A one day seminar focusing on understanding how we may have been affected by another’s misuse of alcohol will be held in the Family Centre on Saturday November 12 from 10.30am to 4pm.

Mental wellbeing is linked to our environment

A cloud enveloped our nation at the weekend with Ireland's exit from the rugby World Cup. In New Zealand the nation continues to hold its breath. Medical professionals are already predicting a national depression if the All Blacks are knocked out of the tournament. According to an associate professor at Wellington's Victoria University, there is evidence to suggest that a loss of someone's favoured team does result in sadness "for at least a day".

Michael D Higgins pledges to break down negative attitudes about mental illness

Michael D Higgins this week pledged to break down negative attitudes and discrimination surrounding mental illness if elected president of Ireland.

Mindfulness courses using two therapeutic methods

Rachel Sweetman, Hakomi psychotherapist, is running two more of her very popular certified personal development courses on mindfulness, over 10 Thursdays, starting September 29 in the Downhill House Hotel, Ballina.

Make good use of autumn evenings

Every year the Family Centre in Chapel Street, Castlebar provide over 60 courses and seminars for the community. The courses are focused on a wide variety of topics. Some courses are light and enjoyable and encourage personal development while others are provided as a support to parents and families to help them cope with the ups and downs of family life. Still others provide support to those who are bereaved or for others who want to explore their faith in a deeper way. At a time when many people are under increased pressure this year there is a particular emphasis on helping people to relax and learn mindfulness which is a skill that can serve us all well, especially at times when we are under pressure.

Over 1,000 local parents opt for positive parenting

Kids don’t come with a manual - when parenting how do you know what’s best?

Be good to yourself, get a psychometric test done

When confronted with recession, and possibly an end to a career we have worked in all or our lives, we are faced with questions about our abilities, and uncertainty about what we can offer. What can we do? Where do our strengths lie? Have we been in the right career?

Gaining confidence to start a business

Starting your own business is definitely a leap of faith and takes a great deal of passion, determination and persistence to make it succeed. Proper preparation can mean the difference between success and failure.

Stress among health professionals to be discussed at NUI Galway conference next week

Stress among health professionals is one of the subjects which will be addressed at the eighth annual psychology, health and medicine conference which will take place at the Arts Millennium Building, NUI Galway on Monday.

Therapeutic writing

Patricia McAdoo is a clinical psychologist who is providing a one day seminar in the Family Centre, Chapel Street, Castlebar, to help people discover the personal benefits of therapeutic writing.


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