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‘Hospice services can make you prepare for death in a better way, with a little less fear for everyone’

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A young teacher who lost both her parents to cancer was determined to continue her mum’s Hospice fundraising efforts when she became too ill to hold the events.

The Fear's Ross Brown @ Comedy Clubh

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ROSS BROWNE, a star of RTE’s The Fear, and the comedian described by the great Pat Shortt as "lively and very funny, an absolute treat to watch", headlines this week's Róisín Dubh Comedy Clubh.

The right of people to live their lives must be protected, everywhere

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Last Friday night, millions of people around the world did what millions of people do around the world every weekend. They ate, they drank, they laughed, they loved, they enjoyed music, they watched football. They did things to see off the stresses of the working week. They were doing things that people of an age do, they were enjoying life, a life to which they had become accustomed.

Senior alert scheme – panic button

Research may advance search for pain treatment

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Research carried out at NUI Galway may advance the quest for new therapeutic approaches to the treatment of pain.

Partipants sought for new TV programme

Do you or someone you know suffer from glossophobia – the fear of public speaking? Does the thought of making a speech fill you with fear? Are you worried about an upcoming event where you are required to speak? A new TV programme, The Secret Speech, may hold the secret to overcoming your fears.

Nutritional therapy training in the west

Sometimes I feel quite anxious for no particular reason, can this be helped by good nutrition?

NUI Galway pain researchers win prize for best research paper

Dr David Finn of NUI Galway has been awarded the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland’s Doctor Award for best paper published in an indexed journal in 2012 in the Pain/Anaesthesia category.

Don’t fight change

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Now that we have settled into 2013 many of us will have taken a long, hard look at the year gone past and how it impacted on our lives.

Performance anxiety

Performance anxiety is a very debilitating issue, many people struggle with this issue. Performance anxiety can come under a lot of headings: social—groups, relationships, new people; sport—performance and media anxiety; artistic—stage, media performance anxiety; college, university, career performance anxiety.


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