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Three in ten people worry about rising home maintenance costs

Nearly three out of 10 (29 per cent) homeowners and renters in Ireland cite rising maintenance costs as their biggest concern when it comes to their home, according to a new survey.

How to overcome anxiety as you start a new job

Q: I’m about to start a new job and now feel unsure if it’s right for me. I’m feeling very anxious. What should I do? (AM, email).

Increase in people reporting ‘climate anxiety’ according to mental health charity Turn2Me

Turn2Me, a national mental health charity, stated there has been a huge increase in the number of people with climate-related anxieties in Ireland.

Addressing teenager’s mental health - school refusal and anxiety at Athlone Care Clinic

School can be a great source of support through friendships and community as well as learning, a time for our children to grow up and begin the journey to becoming the adults they want to be.

Mental health charity notes potential anxiety issues as students make annual school return

Turn2Me, a national mental health charity, has stated that going back to school can cause heightened anxiety for young people and their families.

Galway Community Café — a different approach to out-of-hours mental health support

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Galway Community Café is a café with a difference. Located in Mr Waffle on Newcastle Road, the premises changes in the evening from a popular dining spot to a much quieter space. Here, anyone who is concerned about their mental health can sit and talk to someone who will understand what they are going through.

Adolescents, anxiety, and depression

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When adolescents are thrown into a period of anxiety or turmoil or depression it would be helpful if this was seen as a time of initiation.

How stress affects the body

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Acute stress is a response to imminent danger, it turbo charges the system with powerful hormones that can damage the cardiovascular system.

Typical questions that candidates worry about

This week, I have compiled a list of regular questions our coaches get asked by candidates, and the answers we typically give, writes Mary O’Brien-Killeen, Career Coach, Slí Nua Careers.

Dealing with anxiety and loneliness

"As I write this article, it’s a sunny morning in early Spring. There are signs of buds on trees and daffodils are beginning to make their presence known. However, the country is still in the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the hope that the vaccine is providing, severe restrictions still cast a long shadow over most of us, with no certainty as to when loved ones can unite again and the economy can open," says Proconsult's Dermot Hughes.


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