SEAI supporting the sale of electric vehicles

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI ) has been supporting the sale of electric vehicles since 2011 with over 32,000 EV grants provided to date.

Since the start of the EV programme, SEAI has been working with EV dealers. They have a vital part to play in helping Ireland meet the ambitious target of 840,000 private electric vehicles on the Irish roads by 2030.

Part of SEAI’s remit is to educate consumers on the benefits of EVs and to generate demand to buy EVs. Car dealerships are the main point of contact for potential EV buyers.

Part of the sale process is to educate consumers on the suitability and benefits of EVs. There are many benefits of switching to an EV. There are zero emissions from an EV which will reduce air pollution. EVs have lower running and maintenance costs and benefit from toll reductions.

SEAI has developed an online ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ calculator to show consumers the savings that buying an EV has over an internal combustion engine (ICE ) vehicle.

This tool compares the purchase and running costs of up to three EVs versus an ICE vehicle. With the increases in fuel prices and the upcoming ban on the sales of new ICE vehicles in 2030, now is the time to consider an EV.


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