Tom Kenny pictued with his wife Maureen and grandchildren Fiadh and Sadhbh alongside Mayor Eddie Hoare at the opening of the Old Galway exhibition at Kenny’s Bookshop and Gallery at the weekend.

Editorial Comment

A half century of excavation and provocation

Thu, Aug 17, 2023

There is a cyclical nature to the life of a town or city that is fascinating to monitor from afar. When I say afar, I mean in terms of time. There is nothing like a dollop of wisdom, hindsight and context to bring meaning to any aspect of our lives that we may choose to revisit from time to time. Perhaps this is why I love local news, the humanity of it, the rawness, the pomp and the circumstance; the stories and events that are important because of their grandiosity; or their relevance because the stakes are so low.

Annmarie Harnan, Henry Dartolozzi, Ronan Kelly, Michaela Forde, Ali Shabu, Jimmy Mathew and Sally Glynn the team providing the Croí free stethoscope check event in the Eyre Square Shopping Centre on Thursday. Photo: Mike Shaughnessy

Local News

Croí celebrates “World Heart Day” with Heartfest

Thu, Sep 21, 2023

Croí is to collaborate with University of Galway to bring Heartfest 2023 to the public with a choice of two events this September. The public are encouraged to visit either or both events which will run on Wednesday September 27 and Thursday September 28.


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