Hollow Knight- an indie game well worth the price

Games Reviews Wed, Feb 19, 2020

Hollow knight was developed and published by Team Cherry in 2017 and is available on X-Box One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. This game genuinely surprised me with its scale and quality especially because of its low price. Going as low as fifteen euro on steam, the game proves that it is well worth it. So far I've clocked in about fifty hours exploring the expansive world and I don't even think I'm done yet.

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Scarface: The World is Yours

Games Reviews Thu, Jun 20, 2019

Nowadays movies being reinterpreted as games is commonplace. You only have to think of the likes of Spiderman, Batman: Arkham, and Star Wars: Battlefront II as examples that went from the big screen to our personal monitors in recent years. However, during the 1990s and early 2000s, it was the opposite that was true with mega games such as the Tomb Raider and Resident Evil series going from pixelated images on non HD TVs to cinema screens. So when Scarface: The World is Yours came out for the PS2 in July 2006, it may not have been one of the first efforts of taking a movie and making it into a game but arguably one the finest.

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time; the greatest game of them all

Games Reviews Thu, Apr 25, 2019

When one buys a video game nowadays, it is accepted as a given that the standard of story line will be equivalent to a motion picture with graphics as good as real life. Back in the nineties, this was not the case as games like the timeless Super Mario and Crash Bandicoot were bundles of fun but lacked any depth or story.

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Dark Souls III: A modern classic

Games Reviews Fri, Mar 01, 2019

Dark Souls III is the final game in the Dark Souls trilogy and what a bang to go out on. I personally have put many hundreds of hours into this game and it is no question why. This game is the end of the trilogy. It wraps up all of the best bits of all of the games and brings it together for a splendid ending for both the main game and DLC’s.

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Far Cry 3: The game that made the series what it is today

Games Reviews Fri, Mar 01, 2019

Far Cry 3 is a game about a guy called Jason who abandons his friends, carves bullets out of his arm with a stick and gets superpowers from tattoos. My favourite part about that sentence was that it was mostly true. The only part that wasn’t mostly true was the superpowers stuff but it's close.

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GoldenEye (007): ‘The grandaddy of first person shooters’

Games Reviews Wed, Jan 30, 2019

My mother and father love an auld reminisce about the good old days. When life was more simple, people spoke to each other in pubs and restaurants, and people lived their lives in the moment as opposed to trying to document it on the various social media pages.

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The Evil Within series - do you have the stamina to outrun Laura?

Games Reviews Mon, Jan 14, 2019

FOREWARNED IS forearmed as they say, and if you are about to enter nightmare worlds which are the creation of a violent sociopath, or a corrupt corporation, or possibly both, an 'It'll be alright on the night' attitude is not advised.

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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered – a masterpiece

Games Reviews Mon, Nov 05, 2018

Having never played the original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, I have to say I was quite excited to get my hands on the game which some say turned the Call Of Duty franchise into the behemoth that it is today, leaving its rivals lagging far behind, and transformed gaming, from people sitting in the homes playing alone, to the multiplayer universe that we inhabit in 2018.

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MADDEN NFL 18: Doing whatever it takes

Games Reviews Thu, Nov 01, 2018

As with many sports games, their popularity will be everlasting as millions of sports fans gorge themselves on being able to play like their heroes. The problem with sports games is that there is very little opportunity to ever improve the product. Aside from controls and graphics, the game must mirror what real life is like, so if there is no change in the sport, then it is likely there is going to be no change in the game.

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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - Nathan Drake's final adventure

Games Reviews Thu, Oct 25, 2018

From the depths of Panamanian jail and the beauty of Scottish highlands to the colours of Madagascar and the mystic of Libertalia, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End takes the gamer on a wonderful adventure as Nathan (Nate) Drake finally calls it quits on his swashbuckling, treasure hunting, escapades.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn - when women shall inherit the Earth

Games Reviews Thu, Oct 04, 2018

THE BEST science fiction, in whatever form it takes, is often less a prediction of the future, than a reflection on contemporary concerns, anxieties, and sometimes hopes. The best sci-fi is always very aware of the moment in which it exists, and few games know their moment better than Horizon: Zero Dawn.

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