Tend to your tired tresses this autumn

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The seasons have changed and unfortunately summer (if you could call it that ) has departed it us for another year. But what better way to cheer up your life than with a new hairstyle. It is very easy to get caught in a style rut with your hair and end up with the same colour and style for a decade but if you are thinking of change, the time to do it is now.

Over the last few years, the famous 'Rachel' hairdo of the Friends era has firmly faded into the shadows. The poker straight 'do' has been replaced by a firm trend for a soft curl, with people loving the not too done, relaxed look. Be it naturally curled hair, or shaggy 70s style texture, this is the definite look that is being favoured in recent times. Think of the tousled waves of Cara Delvingne or January Jones for inspiration.

Hair extensions are another trend that have grown hugely in popularity again in recent years. It if probably due to the fact that curly hair works better with a bit of length for definition. Hair extensions are something which can really transform your look without being a permanent option. If you don't like what they do for you, it is easy to get them removed, whereas if you go for the chop and regret it, this is a more permanent situation. That is also the beauty of hair extensions, they can come to the rescue in that scenario. There is such a selection nowadays and there has been such advances in technology that real human hair is being produced in an ethical way, meaning the quality for the consumer has improved hugely. The advent of celebrities such as Rosanna Davison and various bloggers and 'influencers' endorsing different extension brands has also led to the rise in numbers seeking this option.

Colour is another area that can change your life dramatically. It is no secret that people often create a first impression about one based on their hair color. Research has now proven that many of these stereotypes can sometimes have very real effects.

Sometimes even the smallest colour change can change your look massively. There is nothing worse than seeing a colour which looks 'severe' on someone, be it possibly a jet black, or a white blond. Sometimes it is only an expert that will tell you bluntly what does and does not suit you, or indeed sometimes it takes a family member to approach this topic in a tactful way.

It is only women who will understand that hair colour and style can have a substantial effect on our mood and confidence. There is nothing worse than a 'bad hair day'. If your hair is greasy, grey, or unruly, it can make you self conscious for the entire day. It is as simple as this - a woman's hair is her crowning glory. Get the hair right, and everything else about a look can slot into place.

Everybody will recognise the euphoria of walking out of the hairdresser with a new style or color feeling a million dollars. There is no better feeling. Long live the hairdressers - the unsung heroes of Ireland. And in Galway we are very lucky to have so many talented stylists and fantastic salons on our doorstep. So go on ladies, treat yourselves to a new 'do'. In the words of L'Oreal 'Because your worth it.'

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