Make your body a temple with Amber

Amber 18th Mary street a unique and magically shop. Amber welcomes it new range of Ovis Sheeps Milk soap, from bars soap, hand crème, face cream, shaving kits, chakra and zodiac soaps.

The Ovis soap sheep soap unites everything that is necessary for genuinely good body care. Its looks enhancing smells and pleasantly harmonious and is of excellent quality. Through premium plant oils ( sustainably produced palm-oil and shea butter ) and sheep milk, Ovis sheep milk soap regulates skin-oil of users. Even if washed a lot, the skin remains protected and does not even dry out. This makes sheep-milk soap especially skin care friendly and pleasant. In the range and new to store are the charka and zodiac soap gift sets. Inside each bar of soap is a personalised gemstones crystal for you to receive as a gift after the use of the product allowing the friction of rubbing your hands on the soap to charge your intended crystal leaving you with a fully charged gemstone crystal to add to your collection.

As the winter nights settle the candles come out to warm our spirits and bring a comforting light to our homes. Our own Candle company is the new alternative to Parafin candles with their soy base and sweet and delicious scents nearly good enough to eat. These candles are presented in handmade glass jars that can be re used afterwards. Soy wax is much nicer, cleaner and natural that paraffin candles. They are cooler, leave minimum wax residue, ego friendly, long burning and guaranteed 3% fragrance level. Ideal gift for everyone. On November 7th Amber celebrates it 2nd anniversary with magically energies from Spirit Drumming, energy readings , henna tattoos and 20% off Saturday only. Every Wednesday 6.45pm Soul Circle with Gentle Warrior and Wednesday 6.45pm Mindfulness Meditation with Margaret for further information contact the store on 091-567810


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