Cash no longer king here - for motorists too

Motoring solutions specialists’ easytrip has revealed that four out of five Irish consumers now pay for daily activities via debit card. Respondents cited that their weekly food shop (88 per cent ), going to the gym (60 ) and paying for children’s after school activities (41 ) are all paid for via debit card and/or through online banking methods. 

When it comes to an evening out it seems men prefer to use debit and/or credit cards (53 ) compared to nearly two thirds (61 ) of female respondents, who prefer to carry cash on a night out.

The survey also revealed that activities normally associated with cash payment such as taxi trips and public transport are now seeing a rise in alternative payment methods with more than 15 per cent of respondents citing use of a taxi hailing app and a quarter of those surveyed referencing daily use of Leap cards.

Easytrip found that motorists are also turning to cashless payment methods for their motoring needs. When it comes to paying for petrol 70 per cent of motorists do so by debit card, 16 per cent by cash and five per cent by loyalty card. Parking your car and paying for it can vary depending on location with 50 per cent of respondents doing so by cash, 30 per cent by parking tag, six per cent by mobile app and three per cent by a loyalty card.

It has been seven years since the M50 went barrier free and paying for tolling remains highest by cashless tag at 66 per cent, followed by 14 per cent using coins, 13 per cent by debit card, while three per cent pay by credit card and five per cent pay through online methods.

Commenting on the research, Colin Delaney, general manager of easy trip, said: “Our research has revealed that the majority of Irish consumers move through the working day without handling and parting with hard cash. Bank cards, loyalty cards, online banking and even mobile apps are replacing the use of what was the only valued source of tender - coins and bank notes.  It just shows how we’re evolving into a cashless society through the various advances in technology.

“Our tag technology provides a cashless payment solution that is convenient and more importantly provides savings for motorists on the go. Drivers can save up to €480 per year on the M50 toll by signing up for an easytrip toll account with the added bonus of selecting our parking service also.” That saving is based on €1 saving on M50 toll per use with Easytrip based on travel twice a day on M50 by five days each week for a year. 

Easytrip tells us that it has been offering hassle free cashless payment options on tolls since 2005 and parking since 2008. Naturally, it encourages drivers to sign up to an easytrip tag account and avoid incurring late fines and penalties on your M50 motorway toll charges.


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