New Mitsubishi L200 on the way

Pick-up trucks are fundamental to Mitsubishi Motors in Ireland. Their legacy extends through four model generations and more than 30 years. The current L200 Series 4 has won many awards.

The current model, which was launched in 2006, will be retired in September when the new model arrives. Globally, Mitsubishi has six decades of pick-up production, accounting for more than 4.1 million vehicles sold.

The new L200 Series 5 inherits the DNA of its predecessors and further advances the pick-up concept. It is an entirely new vehicle from the ground up, and Mitsubishi says that it features significant improvements in 330 areas.

Mitsubishi says that the result is the ultimate vehicle for commercial duty, combined with SUV-like refinement in quality and dynamic performance.

According to the manufacturer, the new L200 Series 5 is as competent climbing up a mountain or navigating a building site, as it is comfortable on a motorway or around city streets.

It claims that the vehicle retains the marque’s reputation for ruggedness and durability, continues to have the best four wheel drive system, and that it is the only pick-up that can be driven permanently in two wheel and four wheel drive on tarmac and off-road.

The all-new L200 Series 5 should go on sale here in September, and possibly initially available in double cab.


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