Three steps to looking and feeling fashionably fantastic with Delila

We asked Delila, our fabulous Galway Advertiser stylist, to give us some special tips for looking and feeling great this Christmas.

“It is all about being organised,” she explains. “I take my clients through three steps — wardrobe makeover, focused shopping, and outfit completion. It works every time — clients learn how to recognise what suits their body shape and lifestyle so that shopping becomes a pleasure and clothes are actually worn! They tend to buy a lot less, but wear all of their clothes more stylishly.”

Step one: wardrobe makeover

“I go through every item in the wardrobe, taking out what is not worn, does not suit, and is not liked! Often we keep things in our wardrobe because we paid good money for the clothes and even though we never wear them, we feel too guilty to throw them out. I help clients to let these pieces go (often to good homes! ), so that the rest of their wardrobe can be freed up to work for them. I also recommend smart storage solutions, so that clothes, accessories, and jewellery can be seen and easily reached.”

Step two: focused shopping

“Having cleared out the wardrobe, we make a list of the items of clothing that are needed to complete outfits, to ensure that shopping is focused and purposeful. Armed with this list or with a special occasion in mind, we go shopping. As a trained professional stylist I teach clients how to shop and make sure they learn how to only buy clothes that really suit them, clothes that they wear again and again.”

Step three: outfit completion

“I then help my clients to create actual outfits, complete with accessories, so that they have outfits at hand for everyday wear or special occasions. All of my clients rave about how it is so much easier to get dressed and that life is a lot less stressful as a result. The whole process is liberating!”

If you would like Delila’s help, call her directly on (087 ) 6391956. Gift vouchers available, the ideal Christmas gift for everyone!


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