Taking care

A study was recently performed by Triton showers to determine how we like to clean ourselves. The survey asked 250 people across five locations in Ireland and it was determined that 50 per cent of those surveyed spend a minimum of 10 minutes in the shower with 14 per cent having two showers a day. It is pretty clear that we like to take care of ourselves, especially our hair and skin, which highlighted something to me this week; fashion might be important but we get just a little excited about the world of beauty. The summer is only a couple of months away and so I have been trying and testing some key things to get us in tip top shape for the long awaited holiday.

The hair

I recently took the plunge and got hair extensions (Great Lengths is the most popular brand in Ireland ) and I have been having a lot of fun trying to find easy ways to style my hair which is now almost a foot longer than it was pre-extensions. Special care is needed for extensions so I am super conscious of the products I am using and how, starting with the brush. Remington makes a great range of what it calls ‘Therapy’ brushes, which are infused with micro-conditioners, Moroccan oil, and keratin. I have been using the Frizz Therapy round brush which glides through the extension bonds, as well as keeping my hair nice and smooth, a must-have when in the sun and sea. I also tried the Colour Protect straightener (€69.99 ) which kept my hair nice and glossy. But it also has a coating to keep coloured hair shiny and healthy.

Your skin

To be perfectly honest, we ladies all have an issue with cellulite. It is horrible stuff and I detest it! So I have been on a mission to be rid of it before my upcoming honeymoon. I popped along to Renew Clinics (Dublin and Kildare ) to try the very famous Icoone treatment. In short, it is not the most relaxing treatment, as your skin is treated with what can only be described as a suction machine. But after five treatments, my skin is smooth and feels so healthy; the treatment has changed the texture of my legs completely. This treatment is a pre-holiday must. Check out renewclinic.ie for more details.

Your suitcase

Getting the right balance of clothes in your suitcase is always a challenge. I am an ‘over-packer’ but I have promised myself to only bring the necessities this year. My basics will include a selection of T-shirts, a pair or two of jeans (skinny jeans, Noisy May at Vero Moda, €49.95 ), some prints (trousers, Noisy May, €24.95 ), a blazer and denim jacket, just the one dress (maxi dress, from Louise Kennedy ), and sensible shoes. Make sure you make a list of everything you need before you travel and stick to it. Plus, if you forget anything, The Loop at our country’s main airports is a great place to shop. Treat yourself to an Airport Genie fast track pass and speed through security so there is more time to shop.

Lorna Claire Weightman



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