Salin Plus air purifying therapy now available from Salthill Pharmacy

Salin Plus, an air purifying therapy, uses a new method of treating patients with a range of respiratory conditions in a non invasive, non medicinal, 100 per cent natural way.

Salin Plus releases tiny salt particles into the air. These salt particles are then inhaled. The salt attaches itself to the mucus lining the airways and draws it away from the tissue.

As a result, the user finds it easier to expel any mucus and sputum. Continued use prevents build up of mucus, thus inhibiting infection.

The Salin air purifying therapy has proven to be of great benefit to sufferers of asthma, cystic fibrosis, ear, nose, and throat infections, as well as allergy problems, and users have experienced significant reductions in rhinitis (hay fever ), sinusitis, and laryngitis.

Salin Plus can be used in different areas such as apartments, offices, or bedrooms.

For more information contact Salthill pharmacy at 091 523 207.


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