Innovative fitness system launched in Galway

A new three strand training system has launched in Galway, the Senshaper™ Series, developed by health and lifestyle specialist Sene Naoupu, has been rolled out across selected Galway gyms. Several other clubs throughout Ireland are also tipped to licence the programme before the summer.

The series consists of three training methods performed consecutively – the Senshaper™ Tone, Senshaper™ Plyo, and Senshaper™ Extreme. It combines compound exercises with high intensity interval training where every muscle in the body is used at the same time to increase full body fitness, metabolism, and burn unwanted fat more effectively.

For more than 12 years, New Zealander Sene Naoupu has been in the area of health, fitness, and sporting performance and has developed a brand of sustainable health, beauty, and performance products. “The Senshaper Series’ goal is to help people achieve optimal mind and body health, for high performance and sustainably healthy lifestyles,” Ms Naoupu said. “The series is suitable for the couch potato, busy mums to the professional athlete, anyone can do it.”

The Senshaper Series will be showcased from 12 noon to 12.30pm at the Galway Health and Fitness Expo which will be held in the Black Box on March 2 and 3. Also, in support of charity ACT for Meningitis, Sene Naoupu will do a demonstration of the Senshaper Series in Leisureland at her fitness event on Thursday March 14, which will be co-hosted by Pat Divilly Fitness.

The Senshaper Series is available in selected gyms in Galway including Ocean Fitness, Active Fitness, NRG Bohermore, and NRG Knocknacarra. For more information visit


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