System 10 precision weight loss

Your metabolism is by far the most critical and powerful key to weight loss. Your metabolism is the rate at which you break down food, and the potential for calorie burn and weight loss is huge. A weak metabolism will limit or stop your weight loss no matter how much dieting or exercising you do. A poor diet or excessive exercise can make a weak metabolism worse by limiting the very nutrition required to run it.

We all have metabolism faults of varying degrees — nutritional deficiencies (70 per cent of people ), hormone imbalances, undiagnosed sluggish thyroid (40 per cent ), high blood sugars (50 per cent ), or digestive disorders including constipation (40 per cent ). These are things that make weight loss so hard for people.

A great metabolism is simply the most effective and powerful way to lose weight. By balancing metabolism correction, food, and exercise, System 10 will help you shed the weight and keep it off.

The System 10 plan includes dietician designed highly balanced food plans of normal, natural foods, no pills, bars, or shakes.

Burning lots of real fat — not water like most plans — brings dramatic changes in shape. Every 10lb lost is one dress size. It also targets the stubborn fat on your stomach, hips, and thighs.

You will get dramatic health benefits – metabolism faults are at the root cause of all health problems.

A great metabolism helps you keep the weight off much easier afterwards.

Contact Grace Joyce on 087 1727882. The clinic is located in Commerce House, Moycullen, and a clinic will open in Oranmore shortly.


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