Caring for your ears

The world’s first water absorbing earplugs absorb water from the ear quickly, conveniently and safely.

Ideal for use after a shower or swim, ClearEars™ gently draws water from them eliminating the irritating sensation caused by waterlogged ears and provides a safe alternative to ear drops.

They are designed to help protect against wwimmer’s ear by keeping water out of the ears while swimming or extended bathing.

Invented by the world’s leading innovators in ear care Cirrus Healthcare Products, BioEars™ is the only soft silicone earplug which uses Microban™, a powerful anti-microbial agent, which keeps the earplugs free from the bacteria which can lead to degradation in ordinary earplugs, thus ensuring that the ear canal remains fully protected. BioEars offer an added advantage of aiding sleep, helping concentration in a noisy environment!

Children’s EarPlanes® is the world’s first pressure regulating earplug and was invented by Cirrus Healthcare Products. With a specialist product suitable for children aged one to 10, it is the ideal solution for parents taking their children on holiday. EarPlanes® also come in an adult size.

Soft foam earplugs mould to the ear once inserted, and are suitable for everyone over the age of six years old. They come in a box of five pairs of disposable earplugs and are available from supermarkets and pharmacies everywhere.


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