Future of schools in Doughiska assured says Crowe

The future of building schools in Doughiska has been secured following city councillor support for plans to accommodate road access to the new schools in the area.

A disagreement on the exact location, design, and layout of the road between officials and the community had been ongoing for many years. It was only after the intervention of the local councillors that a preferred method of progressing was decided upon.

Councillors this week made an amendment to the Galway City Development Plan to allow for the road access. Fianna Fáil councillor Michael J Crowe has welcomed the breakthrough. “There had been significant doubt about the new schools going ahead in Doughiska a result of not having adequate access,” he said.

The original access proposal ran directly through the Tur Uisce housing estate and would have had “significant negative effects on all residents living there”. However city officials felt there was “no alternative”.

Further meetings took place on the matter where the idea that a separate new road running off the Doughiska road was required. At Monday’s city council meeting Cllr Crowe proposed that the variation go ahead to accommodate the road and all councillors supported this.

“The decision will ensure a new road is constructed which will not have a negative effect on any residents,” said Cllr Crowe. “It will guarantee the building of the schools can now commence. The Department of education had signalled that this situation had to be resolved before they would be in a position to let this project commence.”

Cllr Crowe said he would like to commend “all of the councillors of Galway City East, along with the residents who put up a united front and ensured that the wishes of the broader community were carried out. It was democracy at its best.”


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