The colour purple

I was at a wedding recently where the colour purple was a dominant shade of hat, dress, shoes, etc. Now I have never really been that much of a fan, but given that come autumn/winter, we are going to see 50 shades of it everywhere, I thought I would give it a chance. It needs to prove itself to me. It is definitely not the easiest colour to wear, I find it quite draining on my pale skin tone, but worn in splashes here and there can make it a very elegant hue indeed. The trick to wearing strong colours like purple is to break it up across your outfit. The colour should complement your look and not overwhelm you. To help you with planning your purple adventure, here are some of my top tips.

The dress

This printed dress is a great way to wear the colour. The print adds some detail, and by wearing with other colours, you avoid being dominated by a strong block colour (printed dress, Monsoon, €90 ). This look is young and fun and can be worn casually or for a night out. To set off your look, pop along to the Anam Cara Salon in Mullingar and get all styled up.

The bag

I love a good satchel. And I love this purple one even more, and I have been writing about this one a lot. Bags are a great way to experiment with colour and by opting for something bright and fun like this one… well let’s say your schoolbooks will never look cooler (, £59.99 ).

The top

A top should be something you can pick up easily and pair with nearly everything you have in your wardrobe, so go for a top that is versatile like this one from a selection at Penney’s. It is really feminine and the detail around the neckline makes it more of a statement.

The shoes

Purple shoes are so cute, especially when worn with a dark colour. They add a focal point and the right measure of colour to brighten up a winter look. Try a court shoe with a platform, not only for style, but for comfort too (Pilot, £25.99 ).

The coat

If you are going to spend money on a winter wardrobe, then I highly recommend starting with a coat. Darker shades of purple, like mulberry or other rich berry shades, are so chic and I am toying with the idea of getting this one from Hobbs as my Christmas treat this year (£249.99 ).

You can construct a chic outfit with various shades of purple, it is all about finding the right shade to suit your tones, in particular your hair colour. As a blonde, I find the richer shades suit me, like burgundy for example, and even over the most basic pair of jeans, the colour really stands out. So if you want to get the catwalk looks of Erdem or Sportmax, don’t rule out purple.


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