Learn the twelve commandments of love

Are you blessed with a lifelong loving intimate relationship? Sadly few of us are. Professor Harvey Wasserman, MD and director of the Galway Healing Road Psychotherapy Clinic, estimates that at most 10 per cent of committed relationships are excellent, 20 per cent are good, and the rest are in various states of numbness or misery. Professor Wasserman believes there are 12 commandments for happiness.

Commandment 1: We value love before anything in life.

Commandment 2: We come together only in our separateness.

Commandment 3: We have no expectations of each other, only wishes, hopes, dreams, preferences, and desires.

Commandment 4: Patience is the way we respond to each other.

Commandment 5: We give gifts of love instead of compromises.

Commandment 6: We accept pain, fear, and vulnerability as part of love.

Commandment 7: Compassion. We always listen compassionately.

Commandment 8: Kindness. Only kindness between us.

Commandment 9: The music of love is the tone and manner of our speech. Content is always secondary importance.

Commandment 10: We never leave any unfinished stress, confusion, or disharmony. Unfinished business destroys.

Commandment 11: Communion. We share regularly at the level of our fears, hopes, pain, humiliation, dreams, joys, our changing beliefs and questions about life.

Commandment 12: Trust. I trust that next to yourself I am most important in your life. I trust that you will be honest and live up to most of your agreements. So shall I.

Professor Wasserman suggests you read this difficult list with your partner. He hopes that this may help clarify any disharmony you may have. According to Professor Wasserman there is no greater blessing than to recover, or to help a couple recover, the bonding of love and pleasure.

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