Make the most of your wardrobe

* Choose styles that flatter your good features and disguise imperfections

* Avoid buying styles which look good on other people, perhaps a best friend or famous model, but do not suit your shape or personality

* Buy classic styles which do not date. These will take you through several seasons and will match easily with other items

* After getting clothes dry cleaned remove the plastic cover from any pale coloured garments because it can yellow or dull fabrics

* Use padded hangers for knitwear, wooden or plastic ones for jackets and shirts, and hangers with hooks for skirts and clips for trousers

* Avoid buying in a rush or when under pressure. Shopping for an outfit the day before a wedding or special occasion is never a good idea. It is easy to make a mistake and invest in something you will never wear again

* Use drawer dividers to organise socks and underwear. They will introduce order to your space and enable you see everything at a glance


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