Back to school — the essential style guide for teachers

Build your work wardrobe with comfortable and practical pieces which will ensure you always look good. Here are the must have pieces to have in your autumn/winter work wardrobe.

Start with a blouse or long sleeved top that suit your complexion. For instance, if your complexion is clear (ie, dark hair and blue eyes ) get shirts in white, green, or blue shades. If your complexion is warm (red hair, fair skin, and green eyes ) get a shirt in cream, purple, oranges tones. The shirt is great for layering with waistcoat, cardigans, dresses, and tops, etc, or to wear it on its own with a necklace.

Another must have item is a cardigan of a length that will flatter you best. Cardigans are great for putting on and taking off when the classroom gets too warm or too cold. You can wear it over anything: Dress, tops, trousers, etc, and use a belt to accentuate your waist or if you wish to add more interest to the look.

If you haven’t got any dresses in your capsule work wardrobe, then it is time to go shopping. A dress will effortlessly take you through the day, from work to play. The length should flatter your shape. The most appropriate length is just below or above the knee. If you decide to get a shorter length of dress (especially for petite women ), then wear it with leggings or opaque tights. A wrap dress or shift dress would suit most body shapes.

Other investment buys include a pair of jeans, skirt, trousers, and coat. You may want to replace one or two so make sure to choose the clothes that makes the most of your shape and style so you will wear them again and again.

Use accessories to update your current wardrobe. Shoes, jewellery, scarves, and bags will instantly change an outfit, giving the impression of a new wardrobe. Simply purchase a couple of pieces such as a new bag (big enough to contains all your work literature ), one necklace, one pair of boots, a belt, etc, and mix and match them with what you already have. Also, you could get one or two pairs of leggings in different colours (ie, white, purple, grey, blue ) to wear beneath a tunic dress, dress, or long cardigan.

Another way to update a wardrobe is to get new knitwear, blouses, T-shirts, etc, in the most flattering shapes and colours, that you can wear with your current items or clothes you plan to purchase in the next weeks.

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