FG candidate Aisling Keogh’s eyes truly opened on canvassing doorsteps

Fine Gael candidate for the upcoming LEA, Aisling Keogh.

Fine Gael candidate for the upcoming LEA, Aisling Keogh.

Over a number of months, Aisling Keogh has walked the streets of Galway City East in a bid to ensure that she personally meets as many people as possible at the doors.

About her bid Keogh said; “The stories at the doors have made me laugh and also cry. Life is hard for many in our city. Heartbreak, loves and losses, young children and adults yearning for a space to gather and play. I really want to be their voice and make a change for the better. I want to work for my community and for those I met at the doors who only wish to be heard. My eyes have truly been opened throughout this journey.”

Keogh went on to tell us about young David in Ballybane who really had an impact on her; “David is approximately nine-years-old and is interviewing candidates for his mum. When myself and David spoke we realised that we both wanted the same thing, as well as facilities for sports we also want more space for those who don’t play sports. His face lit up as we both discussed an outdoor space and a built-in table for him and his friends to play board games such as chess. A simple request from a young boy... I want to make this request a reality for David.

“There are of course many, many issues raised throughout this journey. However, the repeated ask at the doors is much more about investment into areas that feel ignored and neglected. As well as with David, I have spoken with many children and young adults at every available opportunity. They want a safe space to get together, to play in their estates, and to kick a ball. Is this all really too much of an ask?”

If elected to City Hall, Aisling Keogh has pledged to push for the areas that need the most attention. She believes all six councillors working for the people of Galway City East should, over the next five years, work as a unit and pool resources to target underfunded areas to ensure the asks at the doors are met.

Keogh continued; “The public reps when elected are there to work on behalf of all areas in Galway City East. It is clear to me from speaking to residents and seeing areas first hand, that many areas do not get their fair share of funding and well needed attention and in my opinion, this really needs to change.”

Aisling Keogh’s track record in securing multi-sport facilities through her campaign ‘Misneach Le Cheile’ underscores her commitment to enhancing the sporting infrastructure throughout her community.

Aisling, who is currently working to get a sensory room on the east side of the city as well as getting youth projects up and running, is asking the people of Galway City East to consider her as their number one vote. She wants to be the change the people want and to push for investment in the east side of the city to make it a better place for all.


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