I know how to get things done, says MEP Walsh

Maria Walsh MEP.

Maria Walsh MEP.

Having served five years as an MEP, Maria Walsh has said that she is standing for reelection to the European Parliament as the candidate with the experience needed to get things done in Brussels.

“I have delivered change for my constituents across agriculture, the economy, equality and mental health. Since being elected, I’ve worked on key EU policies including Equal Pay legislation, the European Care Strategy, CAP and the EU Traineeship report.

“Protecting Ireland’s economic competitive advantage on the European stage has been a core priority of mine, as has supporting female entrepreneurs. I have developed the concept of the Female Founders’ Fund, the first of its kind in the EU, to provide female business owners with much needed capital. As one of the Chief Negotiators on the EU’s Pay Transparency Directive, I have also delivered legislation which ensures that Irish women receive the same pay as their male colleagues.

“As a proud West of Ireland woman, I am a strong and loud voice for our region in Europe. As a farmer myself, I understand the challenges and opportunities facing family farms in the West. I have protected the incomes of young farmers, female farmers, and crucially, of our hard-working family farmers by lobbying in the European Parliament for increased CAP funding.

“On healthcare, I have campaigned day in and day out to put mental health on the European political agenda. Death by suicide is the second leading cause of death for our young people in the EU. To combat this crisis, I have worked closely with President Ursula Von der Leyen and the European Commission to ensure mental health is accounted for across European policy. Off the back of my work, I am confident that we will see the first ever EU Mental Health Strategy delivered in the next mandate.

“At an international level, I am a strong critic of Putin’s brutal aggression of Ukraine and I have consistently demanded a ceasefire to end the loss of Palestinian lives. One of my key priorities will be to continue this vital work if reelected.

“Strong and serious politicians are needed on the European stage now more than ever, and I hope to continue my work into a second term to ensure the West of Ireland and Galway reap the benefits of Ireland’s EU membership.

“With five years under my belt, I am an experienced MEP who knows how to get things done. I am progressive, sensible and hardworking; and I humbly ask for your number one vote on June 7,” she concluded.


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