Shrooms, jellies and weed found posted to Galway

by Maxim Kelly

A large quantity of illegal drugs posted to addresses in Galway was intercepted by Shannon Airport-based Revenue officers last week.

Over €220,000 worth of illegal substances in parcels posted from Europe and North America were intercepted en route to recipients in Galway, Limerick and Cork.

A revenue spokesman declined to comment on the seizure as investigations are ongoing, with parcels identified as part of a intelligence-based risk profiling.

It is understood the parcels were wrapped in special plastic to prevent detection by sniffer dogs. The Galway seizure contains several kilograms of herbal cannabis, edible marijuana jellies, and other pyschoactive substances thought to be magic mushrooms banned in Ireland since 2006.

Last month almost €900,000 of herbal cannabis was seized at one address in Galway. Almost 300 people were arrested across Galway last year for drug-related offences, and Garda sources suggest this crack down has helped prevent a recent influx of hard drugs into Galway city, such as crack cocaine, which is currently being detected in other urban areas.


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