Paint like a Pro - how to add colour to your garden with a painted fence

A fence being transformed with Cuprinol 5-Year Ducksback in the shade Misty Heathland.

A fence being transformed with Cuprinol 5-Year Ducksback in the shade Misty Heathland.

Is your garden fence looking worse for wear after winter? A fresh coat of paint can transform it in no time. Read on for a handy step-by-step guide on how to give your fence a face lift.

Check the Weather

It’s important that your fence is fully dry so time your project for dry and warm weather. In the highly unlikely event of Irish weather exceeding 30 degrees, avoid painting as this can lead to bubbling and blistering.


Before painting, inspect your fence and repair/replace any broken panels.


Hose down the fence and then tackle any remaining spots of mould or debris with a hard-bristled brush (a decking brush would do perfectly ). If, after all this, your fence still has moss, dirt or algae, wash it down with Farbex Exterior Fungicidal Wash. Wait until fully dry.


Protect any surfaces you don’t want to get paint on. Trim, tie back or cover nearby plants. Move garden furniture out of the way. Lay a dust sheet/card on the ground. Remove any decorations hanging on the fence.


Tip: Remember to always stir paint for a minute or so before use.

If your fence is not currently painted, you will need to prime it first. This helps strengthen the bond between the wood and paint, ensuring a more durable and attractive finish.

If you are working on a previously painted fence, then you can simply spot-prime any bare patches. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to find out how much drying time is needed before moving on to the topcoat.

Choose Your Product

Depending on the colour and finish you want to achieve, Pat McDonnell Paints has a wide range of products available to suit all tastes.

For a quality paint that can be used as both primer and a topcoat, we recommend Ralston 3-in-1 Aqua Satin. Ideal for both painted and unpainted fences, this product can be tinted to any colour of your choosing.

Cuprinol 5-Year Ducksback offers a wide range of attractive ready-made colours suitable for use on fences. This product colours and weatherproofs fences for up to five years.

Osmo Country Shades is an excellent product that doesn’t require priming and is available in 120 shades inspired by nature.


Regardless of whatever product you’re using, the same basic painting techniques will apply. Focus on one panel at a time; working in horizontal or vertical strokes depending on its orientation. Follow the direction of the timber grain to ensure a smooth, professional finish. Always start from the top and work your way down so that you can catch any drips.

Tools for the Job:

· Dust sheets

· Hard-bristled brush

· Farbex Exterior Fungicidal Wash

· 3” Wooster Silver Tip Brush

· Your choice of paint such as Ralston 3-in-1 Aqua Satin, Cuprinol 5-Year Ducksback or Osmo Country Shades

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