Loughrea Councillor writes to Towercom Board requesting that ‘monstrosity’ mast in Kilrickle be moved

Cllr Declan Kelly beside the mast.

Cllr Declan Kelly beside the mast.

Cllr Declan Kelly has appealed to Towercom to move a recently erected telecommunications mast in Kilrickle to a “less visually obtrusive site”.

The Independent Ireland candidate has said that the mast is a “monstrosity” in its current location and completely out of keeping with the historic character of the village.

Cllr Kelly said: "We all recognise the need for modern telecommunications infrastructure so that we can increase remote working opportunities and continue to unfold the benefits of the digital world for rural Ireland. However, that progress should not come at the expense of common sense and should certainly not be a cause of daily distress to the local community."

Cllr Kelly revealed that he has received numerous complaints from local residents and likened the 18m high telecommunications monopole to something from a science-fiction movie.

"Local residents have told me that there are other options available for the location of a structure of this monumental size and I have therefore written to the Board of Towercom to appeal to them to go back to the drawing board on this.

"That would, of course, cause expense for Towercom, but why should the community of Kilrickle district have to suffer the sight of this structure on a daily basis when there may be options to move it to a less visually obtrusive site?” said Cllr Kelly.

Cllr Kelly feels that more discussion is needed in the future as to where telecommunications infrastructure is to be located and more consultation with the local community is required.

Cllr Kelly added, “Kilrickle is a beautifully kept village with a strong community spirit and this development is completely out of character with the district’s historic character. I am therefore appealing to the Board of Towercom to respect that and engage in discussions with local residents as to how this issue might be resolved and the mast relocated”.


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