Develop your sea legs and learn about sailing at upcoming free event

Like any sport, taking that first step to get involved can be daunting, but also can lead to a lifetime of reward of physical activity and lifelong friendships.

Sailing is one of the few sports that the very young, and the not so young, can participate in and enjoy together. Sailing boats come in different shapes and sizes from small one-person dinghies, to large yachts, but the principal is the same - using the wind and your sails, to drive your vessel through the water, depending on your skill and physical effort.

While most will start sailing small dinghies to learn the basics, you can also learn to sail on large cruising boats as well. When you feel competent enough you can go where the wind takes you.

The sailing community across Galway Bay are a welcoming bunch who love to tell stories over a pint and a bowl of chowder. They are always looking for people to join them on their excursions, for both company and to impart their knowledge of sailing.

From Galway Hookers to cruising yachts you will be welcomed on board, and it won’t take long before you are asked to pull or winch the sails. Many people see boats sailing on the bay and wonder how can I do that? Believe it or not, it is quite easy.

Galway Bay Sailing club have been getting people on the water for over 60 years, and they would like to help aspiring sailors to learn more. Offering two free two-hour talks over the coming weeks, interested participants are invited to attend these talks on Saturday, May 18 at 11am in the Harbour Hotel and June 8, at the Sailing Club in Renville, Oranmore.

The talk will cover the basics of sailing, how to get involved and what you need to get started. You will get to see what a dinghy looks like and its components, and you can also go aboard a sailing yacht.

Those interested in attending can register online at evening. Those who want to jump straight into the club’s sailing courses can do so online at


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