No Spaghetti Westerns for Galway's Italian film fest

The NICE Italian Film Festival opens in Galway on Friday, May 3, in the Pálás Cinema with a screening of Dieci Minuti. Directed by Maria Sole Tognazzi, the film shows how within an existential crisis, doing something new for ten minutes can change the course of a life.

'La Chimera' tells the tale of a band of grubby grave robbers in 1980's Italy

'La Chimera' tells the tale of a band of grubby grave robbers in 1980's Italy

Organised by the Italian Embassy, the Italian Institute of Culture and the Italian-Irish Chamber of Commerce, the festival will take place across Dublin, Cork and Galway from April to May. This is the third year of the Italian Film Festival in Ireland, and its first time in Galway.

Organisers will screen Italian films by some of Italy’s best contemporary directors including Sydney Sibilia, Andrea Di Stefano and Tognazzi.

For Galway audiences, Il primo giorno della mia vita, directed by Paolo Genovese, is a story about the strength to start again in life when everything seems to be falling apart. The festival will also screen La Chimera, directed by Alice Rohrwacher about tomb robbers who steal Etruscan artefacts.

L'ultima notte di Amore

The Italian Film Festival will close in Galway on Sunday, May 5, with the screening of L’ultima notte di Amore directed by acclaimed Italian actor, writer and director Andrea Di Stefano. The film tells the story of a police lieutenant who - on the night before his retirement - is asked to investigate a crime scene where his best friend has been killed during a diamond heist.

The Italian Film Festival in Galway is organised in collaboration with the Italian Department in University of Galway, and the Galway Film Society.

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