Top Irish skin expert Eavanna Breen outlines the most common causes of rosacea

Top Irish skincare expert Eavanna Breen has put together her ultimate guide below on rosacea: What is it? Why is it such an Irish problem? How do we successfully tackle it?

Rosacea is a bit of an Irish problem - we have one of the highest rates of rosacea sufferers in the world. However, we still don’t know exactly what causes the disorder. What we do know for certain are the signs rosacea is coming, and those signs are many and varied.

Renowned Irish skin expert Eavanna Breen says; “Rosacea generally shows itself around the central panel of the face; down the nose and across the cheekbones. It will present with one or more of the following symptoms: flushing, persistent redness, pustules, and papules, telangiectasia (in other words ‘thread veins’ ), dryness, burning, or stinging. Not pleasant!

“Don’t freak out if you’re displaying red cheeks. It’s important to have any symptoms sufficiently examined by a skin expert like myself, and have them diagnose the issue before considering any treatment.

“Some people misdiagnose themselves with acne when it is actually rosacea they have. So much time is wasted treating the problem with the wrong solution, to no results. If they had just come to someone like me from the beginning, so much time and energy could have been saved.”

Understanding the triggers and effects of rosacea is crucial in its management. Not only is it imperative for maintaining physical comfort, but it also significantly impacts one's confidence and social life. Rosacea's visibility can lead to self-consciousness and even avoidance of social situations, affecting overall well-being.

According to recent research, common triggers for rosacea include factors such as diet, lifestyle, stress, temperature changes, and exposure to UV light. Identifying and managing these triggers can play a pivotal role in reducing flare-ups and managing symptoms effectively.

Eavanna emphasizes; "Learning to identify your condition’s individual triggers is key in treating rosacea symptoms. By paying attention to your diet and lifestyle, you can quickly spot what’s causing your flare-ups and start eliminating them.

“Additionally, the psychological impact of rosacea cannot be overstated. Individuals dealing with this condition often experience a decline in self-esteem and confidence due to the visible nature of the disorder. This can lead to social withdrawal and avoidance of activities that may exacerbate symptoms, further affecting their quality of life.”

Eavanna Breen's top five tips to help keep Rosacea at bay now encompass a deeper understanding of its causes and effects:

Learning to identify: Recognise individual triggers and seek professional guidance for effective management. For example, Eavanna Breen and her expert team will be able to work with you on both the lead triggers of your rosacea, as well as the best skincare route to treat it.

The usual suspects: Avoid common triggers such as alcohol, acidic foods, refined sugar, processed meats, dairy, spicy foods, stress, excessive heat, intense exercise, and UV exposure.

Effective sun protection: Prioritise daily application of high-quality sunscreen to shield against UV damage and reduce flare-ups. Eavanna Breen’s favourite product is the ‘Skinmade’s Protect & Care Sun Oil’ which she says is by far the best sun protection product she has ever used.

See a skin expert: Consult with a skin specialist to explore tailored treatments such as Laser Genesis, which can help manage symptoms and improve skin condition.

The right skincare for you: Invest in skincare products tailored to your skin's needs and seek expert advice for personalised recommendations. It is so important you have an expert to help you find the right home skin care plan that is right for you, and you only.


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