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Michael Tully

Michael Tully

Michael Tully, has lived in the Ballybane/Merlin Park area for the past 16 years, working locally in Mervue.

When he first moved into his new house in Coillte Mhuirlinne, he recognised that there were minor issues that needed to be addressed. Michael and some other residents set up a resident’s association for the Merlin estates. Throughout his time on the committee, of which he was chairman for three years, they organised family days to bring the community closer together, set up a community text alert, and had lighting installed in the playgrounds.

Through his work on the committee, Michael realised that he could make a difference in his community. He has brought the concerns of local people and organisations, to the Galway City Council, Gardaí and other local organisations, to help individuals and groups achieve their goals, for the betterment of the whole Galway City East community.

One area which enriched the lives of the local community, of which Michael is very proud, was the enhancement of allotments in Merlin Woods, which were at the point of collapse. To achieve this goal, he joined the committee responsible for the allotments and became chairman.

Working, as a team, with the other committee members and plot-holders they cleared the paths, dug out the weeds, put in top soil, got electricity for the allotments, and made the improvements needed to ensure that future of the 42 allotments is a bright one. The allotments offer people the opportunity to grow their own fruit and veg, as well as the social aspect of being able to work side by side with other people in the community.

Michael has successfully worked on many other projects to benefit Galway City, including working with the Galway City Council to get improved signage and landscaping projects delivered, and the creation of new paths in Merlin Woods to provide improved access to the area. He is also an active member of St. James LGFA, and acted as a liaison officer for Galway Skateboard Association to achieve the upgrade of Millennium Park.

After all these years, working tirelessly in the community, for the community, Michael has made the decision to put himself forward to represent the people of Galway City as an elected councillor. He feels, that by being elected as a local representative on the council, his voice will help in bringing about even more improvements in the local area and to the local people.

Michael Tully will be running in the upcoming local elections on June 7 2024 and will be seeking your support. He looks forward to meeting you all on the run in to the election and would be honoured to represent the Galway City East community in the council chamber.


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