City needs a fresh voice, says entrepreneur Jarlath Feeney as he announces election run

Jarlath Feeney

Jarlath Feeney

Jarlath Feeney, long-standing Galway resident and entrepreneur, has declared his candidacy for the upcoming city council elections, with a progressive platform focused on the values of inclusivity, sustainability, and community well-being.

A native of northeast Galway, and having lived in the Salthill, Knocknacarra and Rahoon areas for almost 50 years, Jarlath has contributed to the city’s growth and vibrancy through his business and volunteer work.

When asked about his decision to run as a candidate, Jarlath said that he city needs a fresh voice, and I will be that voice.

“I love this city and its people, and I feel the time is right for me to use the experience and vision I have gained over the years to support Galway West and the city to chart its future”.

Key priorities of Jarlath’s campaign include:

- Access to Housing: Committing to innovative solutions to provide affordable housing and ending homelessness.

- Transportation: Enhancing bus services to be more frequent and reliable, ensuring that all residents can navigate the city with ease.

- Safety and Health: Expanding safe walking and cycling lanes to promote a healthier lifestyle and protect our citizens.

- Sustainability: Championing initiatives to make Galway a leading sustainable city, preserving its beauty and resources for future generations.

- Infrastructure: Getting the Outer Ring Road and Bridge completed.

Jarlath’s campaign officially kicks last week and he will be meeting with as many people as possible in the Galway West Local Electoral Area where he hopes to hear from them about their hopes and their concerns.

“My vision for Galway is one where progress and tradition go hand in hand,” added Jarlath. “It’s about creating a city that cares for all its residents and leads by example in building a sustainable future.”

You can read more about Jarlath’s priorities on his website , or you can follow him on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

For more information, please contact Telephone: 087 276 2233 Email:


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