‘Corrib Causeway’ seeks to deliver ‘over 200 homes’ in ‘new neighbourhood’

The 1.78 hectares land-bank that is the potential home for the 'Corrib Causeways'.

The 1.78 hectares land-bank that is the potential home for the 'Corrib Causeways'.

The Land Development Agency (LDA ) and Galway City Council (GCC ) are seeking the public's views on its plans for a 'mixed use development', which will deliver more than '200 homes' on the site of the Black Box Theatre and two car parks.

Given the working title of the 'Corrib Causeway', 1.78 hectares of brownfield landbank on Dyke Road that is owned by GCC was previously identified by the LDA as an area with the opportunity for 'comprehensive redevelopment'.

The launch of the Corrib Causeway 'vision document' sees the current site of the Black Box Theatre and nearby car parks transformed into a 'new neighbourhood', which will include 'affordable and social high-quality apartments, as well as commercial, civic and cultural amenities'. Envisioning a 'new community next to the River Corrib', one which will link into 'existing homes and businesses in the surrounding areas'.

Featuring 'three character areas'; a 'Mixed-Use Plaza Neighbourhood' which will face onto the Headford Road, a middle section which has been named the 'River Side Residential Neighbourhood', and at the rear of the site is the 'Potential Terryland Forest Residental Neighbourhood'.

The project is part of the wider Dyke Road Masterplan which will be split into three phases, with the creation of the Corrib Causeway earmarked for 'Phase 1'. According to the LDA, planning permission for Phase 1 will be sought in later in the year.

A 'sustainable approach respecting the site's identity and character'

The Dyke Road masterplan includes the vision's objectives an potential challenges it may face. The objectives include; delivering 'affordable homes', built on the basis of the 'principles of sustainability, with active mobility and access to quality open space', reinstating the River Corrib as the 'foreground' of the city, and creating a 'walkable and sustainable neighbourhood'.

The challenges facing the development have been outlined as being; placemaking, mobility and environmental considerations. The challenges outline the site as a; 'large retail park character site bordered by blank facades and car parking', that is 'currently car dominated, little space is given to pedestrians and cyclists, and part of it is 'located within the floodzone'.

'Conserves and enhances the surrounding riverside'

Regarding the proposed development, John Coleman, Chief Executive of the Land Development Agency said, “This is a very exciting and ambitious vision for the Corrib Causeway, which will transform an underutilised prime city site into a sustainable, residential-led new community. Galway is a vibrant and energetic city, and this plan aims to weave the city’s rich history and culture into the fabric of a future-focussed development.

“We are delighted to partner with Galway City Council on this project and are encouraging all interested parties and stakeholders to review the vision document and provide their feedback and observations. We want to hear the views and insights of the public, particularly local people, businesses and community groups. Consultation is a crucial process for the LDA as it allows us to design and develop well-connected communities that deliver for everyone.”

Patricia Philbin, Interim Chief Executive of Galway City Council, said that the launch of the vision plan marks an 'important step in the regeneration of our proud city.

"This document builds on the policies set out in the Galway City Development Plan 2023-29 and provides a template to deliver a new sustainable urban community, anchored by the natural environment which surrounds it.

“I would like to encourage local residents and community groups to examine the vision document and participate in the consultation process so that together we can unlock the full potential of this strategic regeneration site”.

Sharing your views

The proposed Corrib Causeway vision plan is available on corribcauseway.ie Instructions on how to send in your feedback to the LDA is outlined on the website.


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