Fairstone Ireland and Carey Financial Planning forge strategic partnership, pioneering groundbreaking acquisition model.

Paul Merriman (left), CEO of Fairstone Ireland, and Conor Carey, Managing Director of Carey Financial.

Paul Merriman (left), CEO of Fairstone Ireland, and Conor Carey, Managing Director of Carey Financial.

Fairstone Ireland, a forward-thinking leader in the wealth management industry, has announced a strategic partnership with Carey Financial Planning, signalling a new era in financial services through a groundbreaking acquisition model. This innovative approach focuses on mutual growth and synergies, marking a significant milestone for both firms.

Under the leadership of CEO Paul Merriman, Fairstone Ireland continues to redefine industry norms. The partnership with Carey Financial reflects Fairstone's commitment to progressive, client-centric financial solutions and represents a novel approach to strategic partnership.

Paul Merriman, CEO of Fairstone Ireland, said: “Fairstone is committed to pushing the boundaries of conventional practices, and our strategic partnership with Carey Financial Planning is a testament to this dedication. By joining forces, we aim to elevate our capabilities, foster growth, and set a new standard for collaborative excellence in the wealth management sector. I would like to welcome Conor and his team to the Fairstone Ireland family."

Carey Financial Planning, a distinguished financial planning firm based in Headford, Co Galway, has earned acclaim for its client-focused approach and comprehensive range of financial services. The partnership with Fairstone opens up new opportunities for Carey Financial Planning and its clients, offering access to Fairstone's extensive resources, expertise, and innovative solutions.

Conor Carey, Managing Director of Carey Financial, expressed excitement about the partnership: "This partnership with Fairstone Ireland marks an exciting chapter for Carey Financial Planning," he said. "Fairstone's innovative partnership model ensures that we can uphold our commitment to delivering top-notch financial services to our clients while benefiting from Fairstone's scale and expertise, allowing our team to spend more time on client facing activitiesThis strategic move positions us for sustained growth and innovation in the evolving financial landscape, we look forward to working closely with Paul and his growing team at Fairstone Ireland into the future."

The partnership model focuses on working together and combining each firm's strengths and values. Fairstone is committed to giving good financial advice independently, and offering excellent service, which matches well with Carey Financial's ethos. This partnership shows Fairstone Ireland's commitment to changing the financial services sector. The partnership between Fairstone and Carey Financial is a good example of a new kind of partnership, stressing teamwork, creativity, and a joint dedication to helping clients succeed.


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