Rejuvenate your skin without surgery with Beyond Beauty

Demalux LED treatment at Beyond Beauty.

Demalux LED treatment at Beyond Beauty.

The beauty world may be ever evolving, but people's desire to keep their skin looking young and feeling fresh without having to go down the route of injectables, remains consistent.

Thankfully, with so many options available and the team at Claregalway based laser and skincare clinic, Beyond Beauty have stayed ahead of the game, having spent many years investing in aesthetic treatments, keeping up with cutting edge non-surgical and rejuvenation treatments.

So what are the best the best non surgical cosmetic treatments for natural-looking results?

Beyond Beauty offers an array of services, from laser treatments, skin peels and LED treatments, covering a wide variety of skin concerns from acne, scarring, thread veins and skin tightening.

Candela Medical laser devices; Gentle Max Pro Plus and Nordlys, treat a variety of skin concerns and, with both devices arranged to enable the team at Beyond Beauty to determine where treatment should start.

Narrowband Intense Pulsed Light (IPL ) , Nd:YAG and Frax 1550, all laser treatments which work to improve a variety of skin concerns, such as; benign pigmented lesion, thread veins, redness reduction including diffuse redness and rosacea, acne, scarring, and resurfacing issues, and can also regenerate and improve skin tightness. Each treatment comes with minimal down time, allowing you to continue your normal daily life while you lap up the compliments from others about your glowing skin.

For those looking to exfoliate, brighten and rejuvenate their skin, treatments like HydraFacial, Image Skin peels and Dermalux LED are just what you are looking for, and can work to enhance the results of other advance treatments.

When it comes to treatment plans, consultation is key. The team at Beyond Beauty love to take the time to get to know each client and their skin, ensuring they get optimum results. As with all treatment plans, there will be some 'homework', which means the use of recommended home care products. There is no point going to the gym and having a takeaway on the way home.

The team at Beyond Beauty are constantly updating their knowledge and improving their skills, with clinic's motto being ‘your results are our reputation’, the team work hard to deliver amazing results for all their clients.

To learn more about how your can rejuvenate your skin, visit Beyond Beauty's website;, or call 091 799 392.


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