Almost one million festival go-ers expected to flock to Waterford before year end

Waterford is on track to welcome almost one million visitors to festivals alone before the end of the year, solidifying its reputation as the festival capital of Ireland. The county's vibrant and diverse festival scene has captured the hearts of people from all over the country, drawing tourists from near and far to revel in its cultural celebrations.

Not only do the southeast festivals attract a large number of visitors, they also contribute significantly to the local economy, with the 2022 Winterval Festival alone generating €14 million in the area.

With a diverse range of festivals throughout the year, Waterford has something to offer for everyone, from music lovers to architecture enthusiasts and art connoisseurs. The jam-packed calendar of events reflects the county's commitment to fostering community engagement, promoting creativity, and showcasing its unique heritage.

Among the numerous festivals that have contributed to Waterford's festival fever, are some standout events taking place this month that draw large crowds to the sunny southeast.Two weeks ago, the county welcomed almost 30,000 visitors for All Together Now, in addition to guests, staff, and performers, with 18 stages of music, art, theatre, food, spoken word, and comedy drawing festival-goers across the country to Curraghmore Estate.

Spraoi Arts Festival took place in Waterford city last weekend, and attracted over 80,000 visitors; and yearly, turns Waterford City into a vibrant canvas of creativity and expression. Attracting tens of thousands each year, the Waterford Harvest Festival also takes place this September offering an immersive food experience, but also serves as a significant economic driver for the region, benefiting local businesses, producers, and the wider community.

Sara Dolan, Chairperson of Visit Waterford and Commercial Director for Mount Congreve and Waterford Treasures, said: "Waterford’s festival spirit is second to none, and we are thrilled to see its reputation solidified as the festival capital of Ireland. With almost one million visitors set to embrace our vibrant events before the end of the year; our community's unwavering commitment to cultural celebration and creativity continues to captivate hearts of those near and far, from the delightful flavours of the Harvest Festival to Spraoi’s captivating performance art."

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