Opportunity to improve people’s health and happiness comes to Galway and Clare

Slimming World, Ireland’s largest and best loved weight loss organisation, is looking for people with a passion for helping others. They have launched a campaign to recruit more people to start their own weight loss group with two special careers Opportunity Events planned in the coming week.

Maura O’Connor, who manages a team of consultants who run Slimming World groups in Galway and Clare, says: “For more than 50 years, Slimming World has been helping people to change their mindset and form new habits around eating and becoming more active. The real key to success is found in the weekly group where Consultants motivate and inspire members to achieve their weight loss dreams”.

The opportunity to become a self-employed Slimming World Consultant provides plenty of flexibility and can be done alongside other commitments such as other jobs or family life. Slimming World Consultants are trained in every aspect of running a successful group – from delivering Slimming World’s programme based on the science and psychology of behaviour change. Consultants also learn how to build a successful community-based business.

Becoming a Slimming World Consultant also means becoming part of a well-loved and recognised brand with more than 50 years of experience behind it. And, more than anything, being a consultant means having an opportunity to make a real difference to people’s health and happiness. For a role that is both flexible and rewarding, Consultants earn around €150-€400 a week for working 10-15 hours.

“There is no better job in the world,” says Maura. “I’m able to spend more time with my family and fit work around life. At the same time, I have a fulfilling role helping others which gives me enormous job satisfaction. It’s win-win, that’s for sure.”

Slimming World is offering the opportunity to find out more about a career that allows freedom and flexibility to set your own hours while taking home an extra income – plus training, business management support and the opportunity to make weight loss dreams come true. For more information or to book your place at these Opportunity Events, please contact Maura on 087 2768935


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