Immersive audio experience inspired by West End's Silent Disco on in Massimo Bar next weekend

Written and directed by Jess Harkin, I did WHAT!? is an experimental audio experience, a work in progress, that delves into the lives of young students in Galway City.

Join Allie as she navigates the ups and downs of college life, relationships, and the irresistible allure of the party scene. As her dependence on alcohol grows, Allie finds herself heading down a dark and confusing path. Inspired by Galway West End's famous Silent Disco, this immersive audio experience draws from the euphoric experience of nightlife and 90s rave culture - questioning the fine line between euphoria and destruction.

This work in progress is set to debut on May 25 and 28.

HystERia Teatar is a Galway-based company exploring new, experimental and multidisciplinary works that engage contemporary audiences. Formed in late 2021 for their debut performance of Not Like Other Girls! at Galway Theatre Festival, the company is comprised of University of Galway alumni who are passionate about bringing exciting theatrical experiences to Galway and determined to shake up the local theatre scene. With their punchy sold-out debut show on the female experience and their popular immersive murder mystery series based in Galway’s Westend, they have something for everyone.

Jess Harkin is a Galway-based multimedia artist, theatre maker, writer, director, producer and marketeer, originally from Inishowen in County Donegal. Jess is an award winning Director and Movement Director who was chosen to go to bring her work to the Irish Student Drama Awards in both 2018 and again in the following year, for her original work in 2019. Her training includes Viewpoints, Dance and Movement along with Embodiment. Since then, Jess has received her Master’s in Digital Media from the University of Galway, where she stepped into the world of multi-media, moulding her craft into an amalgamation of all her passion for theatre, technology, dance, design and music. Her artistic practice focuses on identity and communication within society. In particular, she investigates the human capacity for connection and communication through nuanced realms such as movement, sound, and gesture. She is also the Creative Director of HystERia Theatre.

The show will be on in Massimo Bar on Thursday May 25 (at 5pm, 6.30pm and 7.30pm ) and Sunday May 28 (at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm ).

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