Discover tempting food and gourmet coffee at Wylde

Galway has a new food gem, the stunning addition to Forster Street is becoming a must visit location for Galway foodies. The former tourist office has been transformed into a feast for the eyes, matching the gorgeous interior, no surprise in the eye-catching design given that it is a sister business of Hyde Bar and Hyde Hotel.

Wylde is a brand new high-end coffee shop and deli located in the heart of Galway, focusing on healthy, convenient, and sustainable food offerings. Make your lunch breaks more exciting with a range of environmentally conscious alternatives. Alongside the deli and coffee offering you will find Wylde's retail space showcasing local artisan producers and products.

One of the most popular offerings in this divine venue are the acai bowls. Acai comes from the acai berry, grown on the acai palm tree in South American rainforests. Originating in Brazil, the acai bowl is made of frozen acai fruit that is pureed and served with a range of delicious toppings. Once you taste one of these epic treats you will realise why they are so popular. They are more than just great Instagram content, with toppings like granola, seeds, nuts, and fresh fruit you will feel great after one.

Speaking of great healthy food, Wylde's salad bowls are going down a storm right now as a healthy and tasty offering. Customers have the option to build their own bowl or opt for one of the amazing signature salad bowls. Choose from the umami noodle bowl, which includes snow peas, tender stem broccoli, and marinated Asian leaf as just some of its ingredients; a Mediterranean bowl; a Galway cobb salad with roasted salad; the Buddha bowl with spiced rice and puy lentil, roasted sweet potato and lemon tahini sauce. The list goes on, so check out the chili beef, bean and nacho bowl, chana dahl bowl, and lots of other mouthwatering options.

While the focus is on quick, convenient, and health conscious food in Galway city centre, there are plenty of tasty treats including pastries, muffins, and artisan coffees, perfect to grab if you are about to hop on a train or bus just around the corner from Wylde.

General manager Roisin McGee said: “You can expect locally sourced ingredients to create wholesome delicious healthy signature bowls and sandwiches, our fine focaccia selection baked freshly daily by our in-house chef Riccardo Invernizzi, our famous acai bowls with a delicious offering that lets customers choose their mix of nuts, berries and more, our smoothie menu, not to mention an array of sweet treats. There really is something to suit everyone’s tastebuds.

"Just some of the artisan food and ingredients that have gone into Wylde include the famed Aran Islands Goats Cheese, Achill Sea Salt and baked goods from The Foods of Athenry.

"And let's not forget our speciality Coffee at The Dock. We have our own brew with an additional eight different blends alongside the Nitro Brew. Eighty9 from JJ Darboven is a small batch coffee roaster from Dun Laoghaire in Co Dublin. The premium coffee makes the perfect blend, providing a full bodied, round and spicy experience, with a light sweetness to suit all tastes. Our Nitro Brew coffee has been infused with nitrogen gas to create a velvet-smooth coffee with a subtly sweet flavour and a rich creamy head of foam.”


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