Which casinos do Irish players prefer - Online vs. Land-based

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 The industry of casinos in Ireland boomed over the past year, but what do Irish players pick between online and land-based casinos?

Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. That's why Irish punters have adapted their choices when it comes to gambling. Let's find out if Irish players changed their gambling habits over the years.

How much do Irish players spend on gambling?

Anything from lottery, slots, or other card games, gambling activities are deeply appreciated among Irish bettors. And the numbers don't fail to show this - according to recent research, in 2019, Irish players gambled over €9.8 billion. Considering that Ireland's population is under 5 million, these statistics show that each citizen spent at least €350 on betting.

How do Irish land-based casinos operate?

As land-based casinos are not fully regulated, you're probably wondering how do Irish players still bet so much money annually? Apparently, "gambling clubs" are numerous, most of them located in Dublin. Recently, there have been disputes on a new bill, which is still under review, claiming the construction of 40 casinos within the country, which could include only 15 tables each.

Fitzpatrick Casino is in the top 3 of the best Irish land-based casinos

Irish players can only opt for land-based casinos which are located in the big cities, and because of that, there is a limited number of options. For example, one of the most popular land-based casinos has six clubs in Dublin and Limerick. Fitzpatrick Casino features a wide range of games from slots and roulette to live games and wheel of fortune.

Suppose you want to visit Fitzpatrick Casino soon. In that case, you should know that Fitzpatrick Casino only accepts registered members, so all gamblers must register their personal information and become part of the private member club.

Online or land-based "gambling clubs" - which one is better?

Both forms of betting include advantages and disadvantages. However, personal preferences for Irish players can be influenced by the possibilities they have. Even though the law forbids classic casinos, there are no regulations that ban any online forms of online casinos. That's why online gambling has become such a success in Ireland's casino industry in the past years.

When one thinks of the disadvantages and advantages of conventional casinos, the first thing that comes to mind is convenience. Whether Irish players prefer online gambling or betting in a "gaming club," they might be limited to one form of gambling.

The disadvantages of land-based casinos

As most real casinos are located in Dublin, players might not have the opportunity to gamble in a real casino setting frequently. This is why more and more Irish players opt for online betting. Another disadvantage punters find is that when you're playing in a land-based casino, you have no bonuses, free spins, or any other form of promotion.

Also, the return to the player is lower when you're playing physical slot machines, with a percentage of 80-90%, unlike online slot machines, which have a percentage of 99%.

The brighter side of land-based casinos

One of the advantages of land-based casinos is the environment. Your gambling experience while betting in a physical casino is much more enjoyable as you interact with other people in that specific setting.

Thus, it comes down to both personal preferences and possibilities of Irish players on whether they prefer land-based casinos better.

The rise of Irish online casinos

Online gambling is probably more common among Irish players than land-based casinos because of their accessibility. Anyone can engage in gambling activities without any legal restrictions or territory limitations.

But, online gambling has many other plus-sides that you might overlook:

- Online slots have a higher RTP percentage of almost 99%;

- Unlimited number of games;

- Possibility of playing a live casino game;

- Promotional offers - free spins, welcome bonuses, etc.

Which type of gambling is the most preferred in Ireland?

Considering all the factors presented above, it's no wonder online casinos have a more significant success rate among Irish players. The main reason for this is that Irish players have no boundaries when it comes to the territory. Even so, Irish players can gamble online on websites with a valid license by UKGC.

Also, according to the statistics, more than two-thirds of Ireland's population have gambled in the past year. This data reflects a survey that includes any gambling forms such as online gambling and lottery tickets. As it is so popular among Irish citizens, gambling has become a well-tolerated activity.

Online gambling has become more accessible in the past years

Since their legalization in 2015 in Ireland, online casinos have become more popular than land-based casinos. Insights provided reveal that the number of online casinos in the Irish gaming sector has progressively expanded in recent years.

It's no wonder Irish players prefer this type of gambling as there are many advantages: bonuses, accessibility, and multiple games. Even if land-based casinos are not so reachable, conventional casinos still have their adepts due to the unique, irreplaceable experience.


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