Crowe calls for carbon tax deferral on home heating fuels

Galway senator asks Government to defer introduction of taxes until October

Carbon taxes on home heating fuels, due to come into force on May 1 must be deferred until Budget 2023 in October.

This is the view of Fianna Fáil senator, Ollie Crowe, who said the “massive spike” in energy prices, as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as well as increases in the cost of living generally, is “causing significant concern for families across the country”.

“Families are already finding it extremely challenging,” he said. “Given world events currently, there can be no certainty regarding which direction the cost of energy will go in the coming months. If energy costs rise further, these taxes will make it significantly harder for families to heat their homes next winter.”


Sen Crowe [pictured above] acknowledged that the Government has climate commitments, and that measures to address them were needed, but he said, “it is simply not right for the Government to increase costs at this time”.

Sen Crowe said deferring the implementation of the carbon taxes on home heating fuels will allow for “greater clarity”.

“We will have a much more in depth understanding of price direction at that point,” he said. “This would allow the option of the taxes being introduced in conjunction with support to make energy more affordable, if necessary, and seems to be the only rational option currently.”


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