Why people choose to bet on sport online

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For the average sports fan, as well as following their clubs’ fortunes in the new season and keeping tabs on any international fixtures which are taking place during a specific weekend, the option to place a few wagers on sports events is an attractive proposition.

When assessing the average sports fans’ go-to options, football is undoubtedly the favourite sport of many, but the likes of rugby, tennis, boxing and cricket pull in large audiences also. To accompany viewing some of the aforementioned popular sports, placing a sports bet is an entertaining thing to do. Thanks to the emergence of online sports betting, it’s convenient also. For example, fans of popular sports can make use of Online Betting at popular sites such as Mr. Green, with betting odds available on an extensive selection of sports including the likes of basketball, horse racing, and tennis. The options certainly don’t end there, though, with a whole host of betting opportunities for avid sports-watchers. But what are the main benefits of betting on sport online and why has online sports betting become such a popular activity in the modern world? Let’s take a look at a few key reasons as to why below.

The convenience

Thanks to the emergence of smartphone applications, placing a sports bet has never been easier. These types of sophisticated and hugely detailed apps are replacing the need for people to leave their homes and place a bet at a bookmakers, instead having the option to place multiple bets from the comfort of their own phones. The emergence of these types of apps provides users with a convenient way to bet on sports online, all within a matter of minutes. The fact the hassle and a potentially daunting experience of visiting a brick-and-mortar sportsbook is removed has opened sports betting up to new audiences.

Regular promotions and bonuses on offer

Another appealing aspect of sports betting online is the array of promotions and bonuses many online bookmakers reward their community of players with. For instance, some bookmakers offer welcome bonuses to new members, while others reward loyal customers with loyalty bonuses. There are also deposit bonuses and, depending on the bookmaker, additional promotions such as VIP rewards. These types of offers aren’t typically available when visiting a bookmaker in the flesh, therefore providing an excellent alternative for sports bettors who are keen to be rewarded.

A variety of games and better odds to explore

When visiting a brick-and-mortar bookmaker, you can be limited in terms of the available markets. Online bookmakers, on the other hand, offer a wide range of events, leagues and competitions on the whole. Alongside the more detailed offering available when betting online, even niche markets, such as politics and entertainment, can be sampled alongside the sports options such as football, tennis, cricket, horse racing and boxing. These types of featured sports also have competitive odds, which provides players with the opportunity to make an even bigger profit.

An improved package thanks to live streaming and live betting


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Alongside having the opportunity to make use of the betting options we’ve already touched on, many online bookmakers offer live streaming services alongside the opportunity for the community of players to place live, in-play bets. As such, it represents an excellent all-round package for sports fans. They’re able to take in the action live as it unfolds, while also having the opportunity to place bets in real-time. As a result of this, the overall offering in the sports betting space is far better than it has ever been before, therefore continually winning over sports fans in the process.

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