Cap on energy prices needed in advance of Budget carbon tax increases, say PBP Galway

Party says it is ‘totally unsustainable’ for people to pay ‘extortionate increases’ of anywhere between 19% and 40% increase on energy bills

In the face of mounting energy costs for people, and proposed increases in the carbon tax in Budget 2022, an emergency cap on energy prices must be implemented by the Government.

This is the view of People Before Profit Galway representative, Adrian Curran, who said it was “totally unsustainable” for people to be expected to pay “extortionate increases” of anywhere between 19 per cent and 40 per cent increase on their energy bills.


“Some providers have put their prices up four times this year,” he said. “The Government needs to take action by implementing an emergency cap on energy prices, which they can do.”

Mr Curran [pictured above] also called on the Government to withdraw the planned carbon tax increase from Budget 2022.

“The inequity of people having to fork out for these extortionate prices for energy,” he said, “and then for the Government to add insult to injury by slapping on a carbon tax hike onto people who are already at the pin of their collar.”


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