Heal and grow with Gestalt therapy

Covid 19 has caught us in the grip of a "new normal". Some of us have found it be be a positive experience and have enjoyed pressing the Pause Button. People are inspired to greater levels of compassion and kindness and challenges are being turned into opportunities.

Others are feeling isolated and lonely and are struggling. At this time panic attacks have an additional layer of upset as some of the symptoms are similar to Covid, e.g. difficulty in breathing and pressure in the chest. However, it is important to realise the panic attack will pass within 15 to 20 minutes, and Covid will not.

As a Gestalt therapist I value the therapeutic relationship as an environment for contact and through good contact a space can be created which can enable clients to heal and grow. I can help my client to foster new ways of being through breathing techniques, exploring what's going on underneath the anxiety and other ways of being in contact.

Some simple things to try - Breathe slowly and deeply. Remind yourself this will pass. Focus on positive images in the here and now. Take notice of what you see, hear and smell around you. Remember there is Hope and especially now as the vaccine is being rolled out. Seek help from your G.P. and your therapist.

The Covid pandemic has forced us to look at the speed of our lives, how we do childcare, elder care and planet care. We have space to reconnect with ourselves and with nature. Do we just want to return to "normal" or take the opportunity to create a "new normal?"

For details, contact Mary Gleeson, Licensed IAHIP Psychotherapist 087 9174245


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