The Growth Of Mobile Sports Betting

Over the last decade, mobile gaming has expanded exponentially across the globe. According to data from Statista, over the years internet users have started to spend more time on their mobiles than on traditional PCs and laptops. The popularity has particularly been enhanced by the growth of mobile technology, the fast development of WIFI networks, and smartphone features.

With the increased use of mobile phones, mobile sports betting has become more and more popular with players across the globe. From their mobile devices, players can bet on a range of different sports including football, boxing, motor racing, horse racing, and much more. Esports tournaments have also become popular events to bet on too with Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive being some of the most popular video games.

So why has mobile sports betting become so much more common over the years? Here are just some of the reasons why people might be spending more time on their mobile devices and what the future might look like for the sports betting industry.

Technological Advancement

Technology has over the years seen a rapid improvement, and is a top reason behind the success of mobile gaming. For instance, today, smartphones have powerful processing, meaning that developers are now able to create more graphically intense games and better quality apps for positive user experience. Also, augmented and virtual reality technologies have been introduced in mobile devices, giving players a more exciting experience. On the other hand, faster wireless internet and mobile data has also made it possible to access a wide range of mobile games, mobile apps, and sports betting websites.

Utilising Mobile Apps

One of the main reasons why mobile gaming and gambling have become popular with players is the easy accessibility of using a mobile device. Adults no longer have to switch on a computer, wait for long load times, or manage with slow internet connections. Online casino and sportsbook operators can provide their target audience with not just websites and social media profiles but mobile applications too. Mobile app stores for Apple and Android also make sports betting sites accessible to players who don’t have a laptop or PC. Adult players can pick from a variety of sports tournaments and events from the comfort of their sofa via their phone to watch live and to place bets on.


The Future Of Sports Betting

Over the last decade, online betting has evolved remarkably. From improved cash-out features, mobile technology proliferation to in-play betting, a lot of factors have contributed to this evolution. While the future of mobile betting is promising, there are some of the trends expected to redefine the industry.

Growth Of eSports

Competitive gaming has become popular around the world now for many years. The eSports industry has seen incredible growth over the years, both for revenue and for viewership. In 2020, the total audience size for eSports followers grew to almost half a million. Some of the biggest eSports tournaments have been The International 10, the Fortnite World Cup, and the League Of Legends World Championship. Last year the League Of Legends World finals brought in over 100 million viewers. As video gaming and live streaming has become a popular activity for audiences, eSports betting could be on the rise even more in the future.

With competitive games attracting a global audience, both casual and experienced gamers are taking a keen interest in wagering more through their mobile phones. This is a trend that has created a huge betting market across the world, one expected to largely rival the traditional sports betting industry.


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