Experiencing menopause with Evergreen Healthfoods

Menopause is often viewed as a time of great difficulty and this is understandable – it can cause the appearance of a huge range of symptoms that may affect day to day living. However, your body is experiencing the progressive transition of what is viewed in traditional Chinese medicine as a ‘second spring’; here are some of the most common concerns, and suggestions to support you through them.

Hot flushes

A hot flush or flash is the sudden spread of heat over the body – typically most intense across the face, neck, and chest. They are likely caused by the lowered oestrogen levels causing our body’s thermostat to become more sensitive, and can last for several minutes at a time, with varying intensity. Avoiding triggers can help, such as caffeine, and practical steps can be taken such as sleeping on a towel and keeping a pyjama change by the bed to lower the disruption to your sleep caused by night sweats. Sage is a popular supplement with a history of traditional use to reduce hot flushes; A. Vogel offer it in the form of drops or tablets.

Bone health

During menopause, your risk of lowered bone density or of developing osteoporosis rises because oestrogen promotes the activity of osteoblasts, which are the cells that produce bone, yet unfortunately your oestrogen levels are dropping. The typical response here is to supplement calcium – however unless all the needed co-factors and trace minerals are being found in the diet, a more all-rounded bone health supplement may be needed. Opt for a bioavailable form of calcium, and look for the addition of magnesium, vitamin D3, and vitamin K2 – Nature's Plus Source of Life Garden Bone Support is a great choice.


Mental wellness can be fickle at any time in life – tumultuous hormones fluctuations and frustrating bodily reactions can make it even more difficult to control. Take time for yourself, seek help when it is needed, and know that this can be a demanding time. NHP Tranquil Woman Support is a wonderfully formulated blend of nutrients that encourage balance and wellbeing.

For more information to help you through the menopause, call into any of Evergreen’s seven stores, or access online health advice at customerservice@evergreen.ie.


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