Billy Clery (44) Manager Galway Women’s FC Clubs: Footballer with Galway Hibernians, Belvedere FC Dublin, Galway United, Derry City, NUIGalway,

At what age did you start playing? Five.

Do you remember your first game? No, but I remember playing street soccer in the Claddagh.

What is your ideal position and why? It changed as I got older. I started out underage as a forward, but played as a defender in the League of Ireland.

Who inspired you when growing up? My parents and Joe Reilly at Galway Hibernians. Joe made you want to play and he inspired a great number of us to play.

Did you also aspire to play at the top level? I ended playing at the highest level I was capable of. I don’t think I was good enough to play at a higher level.

What do you particularly like about your sport? The competition.

Greatest role model? My parents.

Biggest challenge to date? At present I am coaching Galway Women’s FC and I want to win the League and Cup with this club. The players in the women’s game don’t get the credit they deserve and I want to help these players get what they deserve.

Greatest success/achievement, or one that you remember the most? The friends I’ve made.

Favourite memory? My two boys watched my last ever game – I scored two in EDP and we lost.

Biggest regret, if any? Wouldn’t change a thing.... made plenty of mistakes, but learned from them. I couldn’t imagine my life without sport.

Fiercest opponent/s? My mother.

Strengths/weaknesses? Too many to mention.

What do you do to relax? Spend time with Elisa, Tiernan and Rian.

Favourite sports person? A tough question.As a proud Galway person and someone working in the women’s game..... Meabh De Burca.... capped at senior international level 52 times.... we have so many talented female players who represent Ireland at Under 17, Under 19, World Student Games, and at senior international level from Galway and they go unnoticed to the Galway public.

Best/worst aspect of lockdown? Get to spend more time with my family. Worst is no group training with my boys' teams and Galway Women’s FC.


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